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Cool Personal Checks – What Gets Noticed

So what is fashionable and sophisticated? What’s cool, what is staying calm without giving in to shallowness, displaying nervousness or fear? There are various cool checks and tells that can raise your self-esteem and worth in the eyes of others.

We all have gifts, things we are good at. For some people it’s an artistic talent, others it’s paying attention to detail, having a pleasant voice, being cute, and being a performer or other things that make you feel good. For those in school it could be getting good grades, for those in the work force, making a good paycheck.

You may be shy or outgoing, popular or withdrawn, heavy or thin, but there will be something special about you. And, there are things you can draw upon to bring up your overall intrinsic worth to others and even make yourself feel even better about yourself.

The benefits from self-esteem result in feeling good about ourselves. It may be the result of making progress when losing weight. It could be the result of making more money at work or from your business. It could be the result of a more endearing relationship or even just the ability to digest the smiles and acceptance from others.

For the expression oriented or those who want to express themselves in a more acceptable way, they may want to dress more fashionably. Even those who are on a tight budget are able to do justice to their appearance by shopping at thrift store where unusual bargain are everywhere.

Even in the choice of stationary or financial supplies, expressions can be emoted. Distinctive stationary is one tool that can express the color of one’s personality. In the financial area, cool personal checks that display a hobby or predilection for an interest is another. It even shows itself by choosing cool check book covers displaying a certain favorite style.

Most people hide behind the veil of their own importance. They feel their individuality is something to be proud of and want other to take note of that importance. Often they wear their feeling on their shirtsleeves and are vulnerable to real and imagined slights. They do not see or glimpse what is indefinable reality and truth beyond their comprehension operating and instead associate their observations in an enclosed egoic structure.

This egoic self can entertain body piercing, dying hair in outlandish colors or similar being different from everybody else life style pursuits. It could be middle-aged men dressing up as bad boys riding on Harley Davidson motorcycles, wearing “colors” and even belonging to an outlaw bicycle club. It could be just staying on a straight line, not getting pregnant, using drugs and thinking that’s cool. Different strokes for different folks.

Underlying this looking for approval from others is that hyper-active ego that is constantly evaluating and contrasting. Is it good, is it bad, right or wrong, cool or not cool? The monkey brain in action is what most humans gravitate to, and ultimately believes that is who they are.

They seem to have learned this monkey brain association from early childhood when ego reflex association was first introduced by their parents by hearing the “that’s good” or “that’s bad” to a behavioral sequence. Repeated every day, weeks and years in childhood leaves an indelible impression. The conditioning plays in the brain of cognition and develops associations and behavioral tendencies.

Later on in the teen years, peer groups render their influence and further behavior patterns develop. Some desire to associate with achievers by reaching for high-reward careers or rewards and are on ever-searching quests. Many spiritual seekers fall into the same desire trap, always seeking and never standing still enough to find.

Still others might look to other means that would be view as anti-societal. Drug pusher street corner entrepreneurs see it as a way up in their society, however the completion in later years for desirable street corners has unforeseen consequences. Often they succumb to the very drugs they peddle to the drug fiends or are caught in the big-business lobby encouraged prison system.

Scamming the system by abusing unemployment or welfare benefits from the government, sociopathic or social predatorily instincts based on preconceived desires and notions of gain and loss can be a motivated by like-minded peer networks. Social experience and status in middle school, peer pressure and hormones all play their part.

These addictions to behavior both pro and anti societal are rooted in not looking at desires directly. By giving into thought to whatever desire that crosses one’s consciousness in the TRUE sense, involves neither partaking in that desire Nor rejecting it but seeing it for what it is. It means dying to self and being the witness. Only then will it be understood on a personal basis.

This self-witnessing is something that cannot be taught. It can be learned but only through direct experience in quietness, through observation in absolute stillness. For many, likely most, stillness will not be sought after and if sought, not found.

With iPads, computers, video games, the constant need for information and entertainment, making time for “quiet time” is out of the question. Inner exploration, the quest for identify is easily lost in the noise of the day. Sometimes pain through chronic illness or suffering will materialize the time for reflection, but it can sometimes be realized as easily when driving to work with the radio off or alone mowing the lawn if one knows how to listen for that still small voice of the absolute.

Everyone has an addiction to self or center. From toddler on there lies a fascination of what makes me happy is cultivated and reinforced. This vital addiction to self imprints itself into one’s life.

People think that if a lot of people loved me, life would be good. But people who have everything like the business Mongols, the trust fund babies, the Hollywood stars have problems with lack of satisfaction and most don’t get it. A lot of excess often accompanies those lifestyles. The illusion that having everything will solve their dilemma is a misconception. Adding more to you doesn’t solve the dilemma.

Stopping all your “becoming” is a doorway to realization. It requires everything to live out and embody the disappearance of the center or what many call the ego. Waking up and out of the bubble called me, getting out of the center of that bubble of human life may sound weird or impossible to some. But this is true waking up to who we are.

Waking up means we are just begun our realization of the dynamic. You realize that the center, the notion of “me” has to dissolve. The freeing of oneself from the ego and developing the human vehicles can be a new beginning. Those things that remain part of the center will feel greater pressure to dissolve and fall away as awareness increases.

The light of day and life begins to shine in one’s true expression as existence expresses itself. The ego’s sense of expression that comes from learned existence melts away, but instead the wisdom that comes from above can begin to reign. It’s a transformational process. William Blake once wrote, "That Vision of Christ which thou doesn't see is my Vision's greatest Enemy."

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